Willapa-Bay-Oysters.com is in Oysterville, WA on the Long Beach Peninsula in the southwestern-most part of the state, near the mouth of the Columbia River.

Willapa Bay, long famed for its Oysters and Clams, is the cleanest estuary in the continental USA. It is a big, 150 square mile, shallow bay. Being shallow, 85% of it´s water is renewed by the tides twice daily with clean cold Pacific Ocean water.

Clean cold water makes our shellfish unique. We supply quality oysters all year long.

Willapa-Bay-Oysters.com is not a distributor of many products from many places.

Our products are grown by us in the Willapa Bay. Our families started fishing and oystering on Willapa Bay in 1910.

We are HAACP Certified and inspected by the State of Washington.

Depending on your location we ship UPS Next Day Ground or Next Day Air. Wherever you live in the Continental USA, you´ll get your Oysters and Clams the day after you order.

We only harvest what we will ship. You get the freshest product possible.